The Lockyer Legends Hall of Fame is a triumphant celebration of the local legends. The Lockyer Valley Regional Council invited public nomination of people from the Lockyer Valley who had made a long-term contribution of state, national and international significance within the last 150 years. The aim of the Q150 project was to unite and recognise the historical past and identify future leaders of our local community.


The Lockyer Legends Portrait Series was created by award winning photographer Robyn Hills. Photos submitted for the project were of varying sizes, some even newspaper clippings or sourced from National Archives. To create consistency, all images were reduced into a series of shapes and tones that reflected interior colours of the Cultural Centre.


The finished legends portraits are one metre in height and hang as a permanent exhibition. Portraits and biographies of both the legends and champions are contained in display albums for visitors to read  and enjoy. Limited edition hardcover books are also available for purchase from the Visitor Information Centre.


You can also view a series of Anzac commemorative portraits and sculptures that were developed to commemorate 150 years of Anzac history.